Located on the fertile Fraser Valley where sun, water, and gentle breezes contribute to one of the best hops growing environments in the Pacific Northwest.

Looking for high quality virus free hop plants that grow well in the Fraser Valley, and are in demand by brewers? We are your one stop shop.

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  • Hop Yard Construction
  • Crop Management

A New Generation of Pacific Northwest Hops

Plant Sales

Thinking about growing hops on your quality agricultural land? Look to Valley Hops Ltd. for planning, installation, crop management, and harvest.


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Inspired by the great traditions of hops production throughout the Fraser Valley and the Pacific Northwest, Valley Hops in Abbotsford is excited to bring locally grown hops back to the Valley

BC Brewers Hop To It


Find out what is driving the craft brewing industry in BC and where hops are coming from to serve this growing market.